We provide space owners and creaters with an online marketplace to connect

Now brands no longer have to engage in extensive field research to find the unique spots and complementary businesses to build real life brand experiences for their customers. With us you can just browse our platform and instantly start telling your brand story to grow your business and get attention in the real world. Instead of billboard signs you could for example now realize creative marketing campaigns in highly frequented storefronts downtown or not only promote your products but start selling at multiple points of sale at once.


photo-1445265005361-ae273d6a1e16  Find unique spaces for pop-up events

No matter if you are a pure online brand or a local brick and mortar retailer, at some point you might think about starting a marketing campaign or sales event in a temporary urban location. Until now, searching for and booking unique and high quality spaces was a hassle and very expensive. We now provide a platform which enables win-win situations for landlords, brick-and-mortar retailer and product or service brands. We mach the renting party and the host with our plug and play booking system.

photo-1446501356021-84cf6b450d07   Establish retail partnerships to accelerate your business

When you host a brand in your store as a retailer, you not only have synergy benefits from the brand, which the brand gets vice versa, but you provide the space and sales employees at site, so you provide additional major benefits which allow to can charge rent from your partner! This rent reduces cost of your real estate lease and the product turnover from brand collaboration draws in your current customers more often as well as new target groups while reducing your need for prepaid inventory.

photo-1445052693476-5134dfe40f70  Discover win-win collaboration opportunities

Our plat form not only links the one market side with the other, but we really care about creating dynamic business collaborations. For this reason we have three categories: Space ( Pop-Up Space, Shared Retail, …), Brands ( Profiles of Product or Service Brands which are open-minded towards temporary brick and mortar partnerships), and Collaboration (if you already have an event planned, post it in this category and attract complementary businesses to join your project).

Note: Now in our test phase, bookings will be coordinated by our team, just shoot us a mail if you are interested in a place or if you want to rent out yours and we set you up!



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