1. Create your event instantly

photo-1415033523948-6c31d010530dIf you want to launch a new product in collaboration with retailers in our network, realize a pop-up sales event, a down town marketing campaign or a party at a unique place. We have the plug and play contracts for you, to focus on the fun part of your project.

2. Collaborate with other brands and retailers

photo-1417716226287-2f8cd2e80274Our platform is not only about connecting you with spaces, but to connect people to benefit from each other. Just post your event and open calls to collaborate, be creative! Or join other events and benefit from our extensive network of local retailers to launch your project with maximum reach and impact.

 3. Scale without frictions

So you want to accelerate your brand in no time? photo-1431578500526-4d9613015464We have you covered our nationwide network of entrepreneurs, retailers, spaces are your infinite stock of creative opportunities to get your brand experience out there. If you have a very ambitious project where our network might get exhausted, just say hello and we are happy to collaborate and support you to get the desired exposure.

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