1. Attract new customers

photo-1437912958086-300d70657a11When collaborating with a complementary brand, you will benefit by attracting the fanbase of your partner into the store. Increase your store profitability.

2. Collect rent from the brand

2919e13bWhen you host a brand in your store, you not only have the same synergy benefits as the brand gets, but you provide the space and sales employees at site, so you can charge rent from your partner! Reduce costs and risk of product stock and real estate lease.



 3. Excite your existing customer base

Until now you probably get new products few times a year, so it photo-1436831135709-48bdc150cce5makes only sense to visit your store so and so often. But now by collaborating with other brands, you get new and exciting new products whenever you launch a collaboration in your store. You don’t have to invest in stock or have any risk for that. It’s a true win-win for everyone. increase your store profitability.